Saturday, May 23, 2015 12- 4 PM

Watch Marge Hall demonstrate what it takes to paint a flower from a honey bee’s perspective. With wit and humor, Marge will describe how she reaches into the depths of the flower, wielding her brushes, isolating her images, choosing her colors. Get a sneak peek of Marge painting:

Marge Hall is a valued Gallery member. Her large floral paintings and her talent has been recognized for more than twenty years in Chicago’s western suburbs. Her “Floral Portraits,” as she refers to them, represent a kaleidoscope of colors, shapes and textures. Her flowers leap off the canvas, so the viewer can experience Marge’s art on both emotional and intellectual levels. This nationally recognized artist employs her own color vocabulary based on a pallet that combines elements of strong and almost mystical light with drama and photo-like realism.  When she paints white flowers, she controls and exaggerates the color subtleties as they shift in the shadows and areas of reflected light. Marge has been awarded Best in Show, People’s Choice, Award of Excellence at many, many shows.

Marge’s ArtShare demonstration will draw on the depths of Marge’s experience, including tips on capturing the light when taking photos, how to start a canvas, and what layering means to the finished product.

Admission is free; no reservations are necessary. Meet Marge on Saturday, May 23, Gallery 200!