Saturday, February 13, from 12-3 PM

POP ART Portraits are photography based digitally painted and designed fine art by jrr of Frist Star Art.

Your portrait (or loved ones) can be completed as a canvas artwork ready-to-hang, a framed piece, a t-shirt, as a fabric print, a jersey quilt, wrapping paper, wall paper, on greeting cards, an iphone case, and/or as a metal print ready to display.

This is how it works:

1. Provide a photograph OR have a photo session with First Star Art artist jrr and jammer.

2. jrr then applies digital paint and techniques to create a pop art portrait.

3. The artwork is then a digital file available in several formats and presentations, including fabric items.

Make a Valentine for your Sweetheart or
Come for a Photo Together!

First Star Art will have examples of their POP ART Portrait artworks to show, and will take commissions on the spot!  Purchase your POP ART portrait for $10. You will receive:

  1. An 8 x 10” ( approx.) photo paper print out
  2. A digital file of the portrait <2MB ( emailed to you)

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