Gallery 200’s August ArtShare Saturday will feature the art of creating colorful, intricate and whimsical mandalas, taught by the Gallery’s own Andy! Kozlowski. Join us August 22 from 12 – 4, to watch and wonder – and join in!

Mandalas are ancient spiritual Hindu symbols that represent the universe. They are square or round, in shape, and incredibly detailed. The intricacies and the color patterns, and the delicate nature of these works are amazing and delightful.

“Since a young age, I was always drawing, doodling, painting and building models, all of those with greater and greater detail. I’ve always been driven by the mechanical, exacting, precision side of my brain – and slowly began to incorporate this with my own spontaneity, my own designs, my own way.”  — Andy!

Andy! takes this ancient art, gives it a new twist with contemporary with modern tools – computer software to be precise – and he will share this with you. You will understand how he creates these glorious designs; he will explain the color theory inherent in his work. He will demonstrate, he will let you pick up colored pencils and try this yourself.

Uncolored mandala drawings will be available for purchase, as will Andy’s Mandala Coloring Books, along with colored pencils so you CAN safely try this soothing exercise at home!
See you at Andy!’s Magical Mandalas, Saturday, August 22, Gallery 200, West Chicago!