Publicity and waivers

If you are scheduled to perform at an upcoming event, please send us a high-resolution photo and 3-5 sentence bio that you would like us to use for publicizing the event.  We will also need you to print and sign the photo and liability waiver (below) so that we can use your photograph – as well as any photographs taken at the event – for publicity purposes.  All of these items should be emailed to [email protected].

Open and print or download the liability waiver (PDF) 

If you don’t have the ability to scan the waiver (sorry, we cannot accept typed signatures), please mail it to:

West Chicago City Museum
Attn: Local Music Night
132 Main Street
West Chicago, IL 60185

Sound Setup

On event night, we are usually ready to start sound checks at 6:30. We have a small PA system with 2 speakers and 3 inputs (mics or instruments). We also have and assortment of mics, cables, and stands (if you have specific questions, please ask). If your sound needs are more complex than this, or if you prefer to use your own equipment, please bring it along. (And please arrive early to set it up, because there is little time for set changes.)


If you have CD’s or other merchandise that you would like to offer for sale at the event, we just ask for a 10% commission on any sales to help us cover our costs.


Please contact the music coordinator in charge of your event or email [email protected].

Want to perform?

Please email us at [email protected].