These artists were featured at Gallery 200 during past months, and were on display for the entire month, kicked off with an opening reception!

October 2023 – Artoberfest 2023 by Gallery 200 Artists

September 2023 – The Magical Wilds by Kari Stewart Pozzessere

August 2023 – The Beauty Around You by Marge Hall

July 2023 – Obsessive Narrative by Chris Hodge

June 2023 – Past Memories and New Beginnings by Kathi Kuchler

May 2023 – Art in Full Bloom 2023

April 2023 – West Chicago Community High School Art Show

March 2023 – Youth Art Month

February 2023 – Portraiture by Margaret Bucholz

January 2023 –  Feathered Instinct  by Maria Ananieva

December 2022 – Small Gifts of Art – a Group Exhibit

November 2022 – Fused for You: A Garden in Glass by Sue Tripp and Valerie Baxter

October 2022 –  Artoberfest – A Group Exhibit

September 2022 –  Fiber Art by Sharon Malec

August 2022 – Visions of Nature by Morton Arboretum Nature Artists Guild

July 2022 –  Botanicals 2022 by Kathi Kuchler

June 2022 –  Floral Paintings by Maggie Capettini

May 2022 –  Art in Full Bloom — a  Gallery 200 group show

April 2022 –  West Chicago Community High School Student Art Show – 2022

March 2022 –  Art is the HeART of the CIty — District 33 Student Art Exhibit

February  2022 – Unique Art @ Gallery 200  – a sale by Gallery 200 artists.

December 2021 – Small Gifts of Art – a Gallery 200 group show.

November 2021 – Fused for You – 2021 : Fun Functional Fused Glass Art

Ocbober 2021 – Artoberfest 2021 – Fall Into Art

September 2021 – September Colors by Kathi Kuchler

August 2021 – Nature Inspired by Marge Hall

June / July  2021 – Frida Inspired – Art inspired by Frida Kahlo

April / May  2021 – Art in Full Bloom – by various gallery artists

Feb / March  2021 – 2020 – art made in the year 2020 by various gallery artists

Nov / Dec 2020 – Small Gifts of Art by various gallery artists

Sept / Oct 2020 – Stitched Together by Sharon Malec and Patty Koenigsaecker.

July/August 2020 – Oh the Places You Can Go When the Pandemic is No More by Judith Horsley

March 2020 – Art is the HeART of the City by School District 33

February 2020 – Extending the Natural World by Joanne Barsanti

January 2020 – 

December 2019 – Small Gifts of Art – a Gallery 200 group show.

November 2019 – Fused for You, A Touch of Glass by Sue Tripp, Rita Skarha, Mindy Milan, and Valerie Baxter

October 2019 – Artoberfest 2019 – Fall Into Art by Gallery Artists

September 2019 – Falling for Nature by Kathi Kuchler

August 2019 – Nature’s Beauty by Marge Hall

July 2019 – Fantasy and Imagination

June 2019 – Door County Memories by Shari Hohl

May 2019 –  Art in Full Bloom

April 2019 –  West Chicago  Community High School Art Show

March, 2019 –  Art is the HeART of the City – School District 33

February, 2019: Art Past and Present by Margaret Bucholz

January, 2019 – Illumination Challenge Quilt Show

December, 2018 – Small Gifts of Art

November, 2018 – Grand Finale  by Britta and Sean Renwick

October, 2018 – Artoberfest: Fall in Love with Art

September 2018: Creative Transformations by Starla Sneed

August 2018: Botanicals and Nature by Kathi Kuchler

July 2018: First Star Art

June 2018: Art by Joe Ross

May, 2018: Art in Full Bloom by Gallery by 16 Gallery 200 Artists

April, 2018: West Chicago Community High School Art Show

March, 2018: Art is the HeART off the City by West Chicago Elementary students

February 2017: Fiber Adventures by Sharon Malec and Patty Koenigsaecker

January, 2018: Under Construction by Judith Horsley

December 2017: Small Gifts of Art by 16 Gallery Artists

November 2017: Fused for You II: A Touch of Glass by Sue Tripp, Susan Delaney adn MIndy Milan

October 2017: Artoberfest: Art for All Seasons by 19 Gallery Artists

September 2017: NATURE Through the Looking Glass by Mike Smith

August 2017: Metal Crochet by Marita Valdizan

July 2017: Trees by First Star Art

June 2017: Botanical and Nature” by Kathi Kuchler

May, 2017:  “Nature in Fiber” by Sharon Malec

April, 2017:  West Chicago Community High School Art Show

March, 2017: “Art is the Heart of the City” by West Chicago School District 33 students

February, 2017: “All Sorts of Art” by Andy!

January, 2017: “Pamela Hamilton” 

December, 2016:Small Gifts of Art” – a group show by Gallery 200 Artists

November, 2016: “Generations of Art” by the family of Britta Renwick

October, 2016: “Artoberfest and Grand Opening Exhibit by Past and Present Gallery 200 Artists

September, 2016: “Zoos Gone Wild” by Mike Smith

August 2016: “West Chicago / Meeting Place” by Maggie Capettini

July 2016: “WATER” by FIrst Star Art

June 2016: Abby Ray Digital Art & Sarah Bass Similes & Subtext

May 2016: Colors of Spring by Marge Hall

April 2016: High School Art Show by District 94 Student Artists

March 2016: Art is the HeART of the City by District 33 Student Artists

February, 2016: Nature Art by the Morton Arboretum Nature Guild

January, 2016: Andy!’s Art- Metal, Wall Art, Jewelry and More by Andy! Kozlowski

December, 2015: Small Gifts of Art by  9 local artists

November, 2015: Fused4U – A Touch of Glass by Sue Tripp, Mindy Milan and Kathe Moses

October, 2015: Artoberfest, a group exhibit

September, 2015: Digital Touch by First Star Art

August, 2015:  Childhood Fantasies by Mike Smith

July, 2015:  Feathers and Foods by Kathy Steere

June, 2015:  Fantasy, Fable, and Fae: A Whimsical Group Show

May, 2015: From Engineer to Artist – Andy! Kozlowski

April, 2015: High School Student Art

March, 2015: District 33 Student Art

February, 2015: The Many Faces of Fibers – Art in Textures

January, 2015: “Life Thru The Lens of Judith Horsley”

May 2014 Marge Hall Marge Hall’s oversize flowers were featured in May. Marge’s flower paintings were breathtaking. When Marge fills a thirty-six inch canvas with a four inch lily, every vein and pore, pistil and petal in the flower becomes a physical part of the viewer’s experience.

June 2014 Buddy Plumlee In June, Buddy Plumlee showed his wonderful and thought-provoking portraits. Buddy is a portrait painter – and his works are biographies. His pieces reflect a deep and powerful understanding of his subjects, with a very personal set of opinions on display.

July 2014 First Star Art Exciting mixed media works from the duo known as First Star Art were featured in July. The two were delighted to let their “art works get the attention. We wish is to immerse ourselves in art, to share some beauty, to inspire and be inspired. Our wish is coming true.”

Aug. 2014 Chris Rakow and Family The Gallery’s August exhibit was a family affair.This team exhibit demonstrated clearly how artistic talent runs rampant in this family, with works by Chris, her husband, daughter, son, daughter-in-law and grand-daughter, and how that was expressed in unique styles, expressions and media.

Sept. 2014 Frieda Howard Fredericka paused and looked back during her September retrospective.  Her show featured Howard’s original works, DuPage County houses and barns, wild and domestic animals, and pages from her many sketchbooks. A portion of her proceeds went to the WCCHS scholarship fund.

October 2014 – ArtOberfest- A kick off to the holiday shopping season. Many Gallery 200 Artists showcased a varity of picture perfect presents.