Opening  Reception

Friday Jan 31 from 6 – 9 pm


Typically when I create photographic images, I am looking for discrete aspects of nature: especially trees, birds, fish, and rocks; anything with interesting lines, shapes, or textures; and often with an added touch of celestial elements, usually the moon. 

With a playful spirit and a little bit of imagination, those elements become the building blocks for my nature portraits and photomontages. I use a variety of digital textures and special effects to evoke a peaceful mood, and create my own unique style. 

To support and enhance the final output, I print on Japanese papers and silks as well as other materials. You will see some of my current favorites in this exhibit, including Kozo paper that I have crinkled, Haruki paper, Dai Chiri paper, and rice paper. Each has its own characteristics and has been carefully chosen to complement its subject matter. 

~ Joanne Barsanti 

Artist Bio

After she retired from a career in technology, Joanne Barsanti re-directed her energies towards art. What began as a photography-based hobby slowly morphed into an Encore Career. 

Her aim is to take the photographic and digital world to a new level, where it can bring a sense of tranquility and calmness. She combines Western subjects with a style that is reminiscent of and inspired by traditional Asian art, with its simple subjects and meditative moods. 

To complement her artistic style and subject matter, she loves printing on Japanese silks and papers as well as other media. Pushing the artistic envelope a little farther, she has been known to crinkle her paper, or add paint or layers of hot wax (encaustic) to bring additional dimension to her images. 

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Joanne’s art will be on display for during Gallery 200 hours during the month of February, 2020