Please Join us at the Opening Reception

Friday, January 6th, 6 pm to 8 pm

Welcome Visiting Artist Maria Ananieva


My name is Maria Ananieva and I am a Bulgarian artist, based in Batavia, IL. I moved to
the states about 6 years ago from Bulgaria and have pursued my dream of being an
artist for a little over a year now. I’ve attended College of DuPage, taking variety of Fine
Art and Graphic Design classes. I’ve also taken private workshops to further advance
the techniques I apply in my oil paintings. I’m extremely grateful to be able to share my
joy for art by teaching and being able to spark a light in one’s heart with my artwork.

Artist statement

I am very inspired by nature and moved to create when I’m surrounded by it. Most people nowadays are very rushed – rarely do they stop or slow down to look around. There is a whole other world outside our rushed 9-5 schedule – butterflies andhummingbirds fluttering. Flowers blooming, birds singing. Do you even notice how the seasons change?My latest work represents nature’s process. It is a reminder to stop and look around.

My original artwork is also available on my website or visit me in person at Water Street Studios, Batavia IL (studio #14)
Which will be your piece?