Expressions, 3 Years of Inspiration

Opening Reception:
Friday August 4, 2017 from 6:00 – 9:00 pm

Join Marita Valdizan and Gallery 200 artists for light refreshments and snacks.
Marita’s art will be on display during the entire month of August, 2017.

More About Marita and Her Artwork

My family named me “The Spider-Mom”. People are surprised when I say that I always carry a spool of wire and a crochet hook in a small bag for when I feel inspired. I am a mother and an artist so this technique allows me to create my art wherever I am inspired to do so!

“The maximum moment of my creation occurs in the passivity of the night, often beginning when my little ones are asleep. It is in the quiet of the night that I can feel a powerful energy emerging in the creation of my work.


I am glad to be able to share my grand passion with you through this exhibit. This is the result of three years of inspiration, creative work, ups and downs and even some awards along the way.”

The exhibit consists of Mixed Media, Wearable Art and Jewelry. I enjoy having conversations about the process of my creations with the people who like my art! Some of the questions are:

Why Mixed Media ?

It is a wonderful technique that give me a choice to used different materials. It helps me with the dimensionality of my art work and I like it because it is fun!

Why Wearable Art ?

I enjoy creating wearable art because its is unique, fun and interactive! I enjoy seeing people when they have fun wearing art and looking great!

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