Gallery 200 Artists

The Gallery has 30 artists, all wonderfully different, with work in mixed media, photography, oils, watercolor, glass, wood and fiber. Monthly, one artist is featured with an opening reception and a display of a large body of that artist’s work. For this month’s Featured Artist, see our tab on View Current Exhibitions.

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Friedericka Howard

Fredericka Howard, featured artist September 2014
Fredericka Howard, featured artist September 2014

Wiant House

Fredericka Howard, colored Pencils. More than just a self-described “line scratcher,” Fredericka captures the souls of her subjects – and as she says, she is “always learning.”

 Heidi Morris

Heide Morris
Heide Morris



Heide Morris, gifted in pottery, pastels, watercolor. “In my artistic past I have dabbled in watercolor painting, drawing media, ceramics and various crafts but I most enjoy soft pastels now because it seems to combine drawing and painting with many possibilities to illustrate the beautiful things I see in nature.”

 Britta Renwick

Hoop Necklace brittaIt All Comes Together brittaLoopy Loop Necklace britta

Britta Renwick, jewelry, “what – or who — better to embellish than the person with art?” Britta's Website

 First Star Art

_First Star Wish by jrr First Star Art

First Star Art, amazing photography and mixed media. “We love to create magical, wonder-filled, whimsical art for your fantastic imagination.” First Star Art Website

Marge Hall


Marge Hall, oils. “I try to capture the light when it hits the soft petals of flowers.”

Marge's Website


 Lou Jacobson

Take a look at my watercolor page.




Fish by Andy! Koslowski
Metal Work by Andy! Kozlowski

Andy Kozloski

Andy! G. Kozowski, Millusions- Andy's Website Andy on Etsy


David Toney


David Toney-  “I’m a freelance photographer that lives in West Chicago who does sports and portrait photography.” David's Website

Kathi Kuchler

Botanical Watercolor and Illustrator, Painting in oils, water color, colored pencil

Sue Tripp

Fused Glass

Marita Valdizan

Metal Crochet

Laurie Parker

Heidi Morris

Fredericka Howard

Susan Delaney